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Sacred Art is an innovative tattoo shop in your area

Are you searching for a tattoo shop you can trust in the Abilene, TX area? Never settle for tattoo artists that don't inspire absolute confidence. The team at Sacred Art has over 40 years of combined experience to deliver the ultimate creativity and mastery of their craft.

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest and most professional tattoo shop in town. Our excellent customer service and affordable prices are unmatched in the Abilene, TX area. Break free from the mold and visit the tattoo and piercing virtuosos at Sacred Art.

Call 325-232-8495 today to discuss your custom tattoo or piercing ideas with a local professional.



Enjoy our custom designs and quality service.



Get a professional piercing in Abilene, TX.

Come in and experience a state of the art piercing environment. We pride ourselves in making sure your piercing experience is one of the best experiences you will ever have! Our piercer is very thorough and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. We use only high quality jewelry and sterilize each piece of jewelry in accordance with state and local standards.



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Why are we a top choice for tattoo shops in Abilene, TX?

There are plenty of options for tattoos or piercings in the area, but not all tattoo artists are created equal. Visit Sacred Art, and expect:

  • Cleanliness-your comfort and safety is of the utmost importance
  • Experience-our piercers and tattoo artists have over 40 years of combined knowledge
  • Versatility-no matter what kind of style or design you request, we have artists that specialize in just that

Sacred Art will treat you with the respect and attention it takes to create a one-of-a-kind tattoo you'll love. Contact your new favorite tattoo and piercing shop today to schedule an appointment.

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